Slow and Steady

I have a professional goal that I’ve been trying to reach for the past two years. I’ve wrestled with it, given up on it, and strategically planned how I would finally get it. I knew it was going to be hard; however, I underestimated how hard. The goal is that I want to be in a certain profession and while I’m completely fine with starting at the bottom of that profession, even getting into the bottom has proven difficult. The profession requires a certain amount of experience, which I will never get unless I actually get into the profession. That puts me in a bit of a pickle, especially in this economy when more than enough overly qualified citizens are unemployed and looking for work.

So I’ve been working on this goal for two years now. During my pregnancy I gave up on it. That wasn’t my priority, my son was, and I thought that an alternate route would suffice. It did, but only for a minute, and that minute is now up. I also thought that maybe it wasn’t meant to be, which is why I accepted that alternate route that ultimately saved me from layoffs and an unpleasant realignment. So, all in all, I’m happy with the job I have, but I’m ready for the career I was made for.

Lately it has been a little rough. I’m networking, which is something I loathe because it takes me far out of my comfort zone. However, it may be the only way I find some amount of success. Networking, for the most part, has been good. I’ve been lucky to find people who don’t mind letting me take up a moment of their time. But networking has low points as well.

It’s like applying for your dream job at your dream company knowing that you’re qualified and fully capable of doing the job, and you’re rejected. You aren’t even called in for an interview. Somewhere along the line you start to doubt yourself. You start to feel like a big loser. There must be something wrong with you, right?

I’m learning that when it seems everything is going against you, there are some things that are working in your favor. You just don’t know it yet.

Driving to work one morning, I was a bit entranced by the construction on the other side of the street. Someone thought it would be a great time to repave all of the streets in our county. All at the same time, which is fine, except it wasn’t needed and traffic has been negatively impacted because of it. During this commute, I noticed something in a left turning lane. It looked like a turtle. This turtle was HUGE. I zoomed by and by the end of the day thought nothing of it.

Imagine my surprise a few days later when I’m heading home after getting my hair trimmed and I have to swerve around a baby turtle in the road. Now it is rare that I see turtles on the street. These were my first two, but they were a few days apart.

The irony of the situation is that sometimes you have to experience something more than once to truly acknowledge that it’s real. When I passed the second turtle I realized that sometimes you have to approach something slow and steady instead of aggressive and fast. This dream I have has been two years in the making and there’s no end in sight. But this is worth it, so that means if I have to putt putt along at a turtle’s pace for years and years, then that’s what I’ll do.

What dreams do you have that are taking longer than you expected to come to fruition?


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